Five Kinds of Locks Categories That Enhance Security 

Locks come in handy in improving security levels within a building, and getting the right lock makes it possible to achieve the highest security level. Several lock categories guide you to get the lock type that works best for you, depending on your unique needs and the goals you aim to achieve. Also, numerous locks retailers provide you with a wide variety of locks options to enable you to meet the exact lock need that pushed you to look for locks in the first place. National Lock Supply has different kinds of locks categories which they use to guide you to make the selection of a lock that offers a maximum advantage, and they include the following: 

Commercial locks

Commercial Schlage ND50PD ATH Heavy Duty Entrance/Office Lever Lock – Athens Style locks work perfectly for commercial spaces, making it possible to have a highly secured workplace. The different kinds of commercial locks offered work effectively to protect the building from unauthorized entry, enabling the business owner to relax stress-free without any security worries. The different kinds of commercial locks available include cylindrical lever locks, mortise locks, parts and accessories, and push-pull latch sets. Additionally, the locks installed in the building further enhance the look and feel of the entire building enabling it to have an improved modern look. 

Keypad/Prox Locks

Keypad locks get made with the highest level of expertise, offering an improved level of security compared to traditional locks. Additionally, the keypad locks enable you to get rid of the tedious work of carrying keys up and down, with all you have to do is master the unlocking code you use to access the secured room. The keypad locks come in various kinds, such as mechanical pushbutton locks, alarm control keypads, and electronic keypads. The proper installation of the Schlage ND70PD ATH Heavy Duty Classroom Lever Lock – Athens Style locks enable you to get notified whenever someone tries to enter the premises forcefully, improving the whole security system. 

Door closers

Door closers come in handy in ensuring that doors remain closed at all times and that they aren’t banged when someone leaves or enters the building. National Lock Supply provides different kinds of door closers, including surface door closers, power operators, floor closers, gate closers, and overhead concealed closers. The Schlage ND80PD ATH Heavy Duty Storeroom Lever Lock – Athens Style locks work effectively for the various functions they get installed for and thus enable you to have a proper locks system. 

Cylinders, cores and key blanks

Cylinders, cores, and key blanks offer an improved form of security whereby if one doesn’t have the right keys, they can’t access the building. The locks systems get installed perfectly to function properly without any challenges or the keys failing. The Schlage L9040 06A Mortise Bath/bedroom privacy lock, w/ 06 Lever and A Rose lock system, has numerous advantages, giving you maximum security at all times. The locks are affordable and have a return option if they are faulty on delivery. 

Door hinges

Door hinges facilitate the doors’ smooth opening and closing and must be installed for them to work properly. There are different kinds of hinges, including commercial, residential, invisible, double acting, and continuous hinges, all of which function perfectly in the places they get installed. For more information, contact this highly rated Commercial Lock Supplier

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