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The PDF format is usually used to print or upload files in the workplace. Its special effects can ensure that all content in the document, including any character, will be accurately restored, and there will be no garbled characters and typesetting errors during uploading or printing. PDF has good encryption features. Generally, many business units have some important documents when they are working, considering factors, they will encrypt and protect the documents, so as to effectively prevent PDF documents from being printed and modified.

But there are also times when people have to make modifications to PDF files or file content, like deleting or rewriting parts of content, or you have to delete certain pages, etc. Because of the non-editable nature of PDF, modification is not an easy task, and on how to delete pages from PDF, you will have to use a PDF processing tool. One of the best tools available for removing pages from PDF files is iTop PDF. This is an editor and PDF management tool that can help you quickly solve all PDF related problems. You can also use this tool for free.

Use iTop PDF

Now, there are many people who have this question as to how to delete text from a PDF. One of the most stable formats for keeping the contents of a PDF file intact is the PDF file format. Many other platforms, like offices and others, think of using the PDF, i.e., portable document format, so that it cannot be mistakenly or necessarily modified and can be shared across distinct sorts of platforms. However, in most of the cases, when a person wants to modify or change the PDF file, which they have recently created, but are not able to convertir PDF a Word or other formats, so for that you must choose a good platform which can edit or delete text or files in your PDF, which will be the best choice.

How to Delete PDF Pages through iTop PDF

Here are some simple steps you can take to delete pages in a PDF using PDF management tools. The first thing you need to do is to download and install this software from the official website of iTop PDF, and then run iTop PDF. Click “Page” on the top toolbar, select the page to be deleted, and click Delete Page. It’s that simple, in just a few seconds, the page has been successfully deleted.


Compatible with Windows 7/8/10/11. iTop PDF is a full PDF solution that will assist you in deleting text from PDFs, inserting page numbers in PDFs, and so on. You can edit, delete, and also add text, links, images, and so on in a PDF. No matter you have any management needs about PDF files, iTop PDF will be your most powerful assistant.

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