Emerging Technologies and New Job Opportunities

Do you think AI is going to replace workers? Yes? Let me assure you that this isn’t true. 

There will always be the need for someone who can control the technology. Humans have made AI software and tools and they can create more, so technical individuals will always be in demand no matter if CEOs have robots to manage their company tasks, technological skills will never be outdated. 

So, in this post, I’m going to share with you some emerging technologies that have created 3 new job opportunities for you. (Of course, every day a new technology emerges, but I’ve decided to share with you the only top 3 in-demand ones).

So why wait? Let’s jump in! 

TOP 3 New In-demand Jobs In India

Nowadays, technology is everywhere, be it in ecology or economy. People tend to look to acquire more technological skills because technology is evolving day by day and this is the only thing that hasn’t been outdated for centuries. 

But as it is evolving with time, you must have to evolve your technological skills too. In simpler words, you’ve to upgrade your knowledge so that you’ll be able to add value to technical companies and work for them. 

Now some of the major in-demand technological opportunities include Data Analyst, Digital Marketing specialist/expert, and Quantum Software Engineer

#1 Job Opportunity: Data Analyst

Data analysis is all about well-researched predictions. Because as a data analyst, your job would be to first identify all the data that has been provided to you. 

Then you would have to put in your hours to collect all the data and information about that particular topic. 

Now as you have bulks of data but in orderless form, you need to clean it and arrange it in an order so that you can better analyze it. Then your job would be to describe all that analysis in simpler words to the company. 

Above I used the word ‘prediction’, why? Because as a data analyst, you’ll have to answer predictive questions based on your research and analysis. 

For example, if you’re a data analyst in a medicine-based company, you might have to find the answer to questions like ‘What disease is more likely to affect a particular age group of individuals?’

According to Google, India is at the 1st position in terms of being a source of big data generators, so from this you can assume the demand and importance of data analysts. 

How To Become A Data Analyst?

You can take any Data Analytics course offline or online. Both free and paid courses are available online, you just need to do proper research before choosing one. 

If you’re really into becoming a Data analyst, I have a suggestion for you. Consider taking the Data Analyst Course in Delhi, because it values money. 

You’ll never find any need to take any more courses because this course will help you become a complete data analyst within a short period of time. With some practice, you’ll definitely be able to win a high-earning job within a few weeks or months.

#2 Job Opportunity: Digital Marketing Specialist

Digital Marketing has been in demand since day 1, not just in India but all across the world. You become a digital marketer and you’ll never be broke again. 

Now, digital marketers are not hired for 1 task, they’re required to do multiple tasks. For example, you get many promotional emails on a daily basis, who designs them and sends them? Brands’ CEO? Of course not! 

Digital marketers are responsible for sending promotional emails, messages, and all kinds of advertising things. Not only that, they also have to manage the campaigns and social media accounts of brands and companies. 

According to the Times of India, India has become the 3rd largest startup-promoting country in the world. Now, whenever a startup or any kind of business comes into the market, they need a digital marketer, and from this, you can analyze the need for ‘Digital Marketers’ in India. 

How To Become A Digital Marketing Specialist?

You can take both online and offline Digital Marketing Courses. Udemy and YouTube should be your first priority and if you don’t understand e-courses well, then consider taking offline Digital Marketing courses that are offered in your area. 

But before taking any course make sure to check its credibility.

#3 Job Opportunity: Quantum Software Engineer 

Quantum computing is a vast field and is still in the emerging phase, especially in India. You might find limited job opportunities for people who have studied quantum computing but it is rising day by day. 

In the upcoming years, quantum computing will be at its peak and there will be immense job opportunities for quantum scientists and engineers. Now, you can be a Quantum Software Engineer or Quantum Research Scientist, but the most rising job opportunity in India, as of now, is for Quantum Software Engineers. 

The role of a quantum software engineer is to make software, tools, and libraries for quantum programming. 

How To Become A Quantum Software Engineer?

To become a quantum software engineer, both offline and online courses wouldn’t be enough. You’ll first have to study about it and earn a degree in it. Then, to upgrade yourself with time, you would have to take quantum computing courses. 

Acquiring skills by taking courses with a blend of practicing will make you future-proof. 

Bottom Line 

With the advancement in technology, companies are looking for more skilled individuals, only IT degrees wouldn’t be enough for you to land a job in that sector, you’ll have to acquire more skills to become eligible for a desired role. 

As for the above-mentioned top opportunities you better be taking a proper course to get the right skills. To become a data analyst, you should look for a credible data analytics course. I would suggest checking the Data Analyst Course in Delhi because it would be enough for you to get a job in your desired company. 

As for digital marketing and quantum computing, you can consider taking both online and offline courses to become eligible for the role. For quantum computing, earning a degree is also a must. And most of all, practice is much needed. Only taking a course wouldn’t make you skilled, you would have to practice a lot to ensure excellence.  

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