Real life stories of application of data science in Mumbai

These days, almost all aspects of our existence are digitalized. There are several places where data may be gathered and analysed. Big Data has become such a massive word that experts, influencers, and other important stakeholders live by it since it has entirely changed how companies and organisations operate.

One of the most researched fields globally right now is data science. With new technologies being released every day and a never-ending quest for improvement, technology plays a crucial role in society.

Data Scientists:

Data scientists concentrate on issues with an eye towards the future. They start with the three V’s of big data: volume, variety, and velocity. They provide data to algorithms and models. Expert data scientists in artificial intelligence and machine learning build models that automatically learn from mistakes and become better.

Data science is a topic of ongoing discussion in IT circles because of the vast amounts of data generated, which must be examined and evaluated in order to provide insights based on data. In turn, the information may be used to expand enterprises and improve the general clientele’s experience.

It makes use of the vast amount of data to identify trends and other information needed to make critical business choices. Machine learning algorithms are widely used in data science to create models. The generated data originates from a variety of sources and in a number of forms. In Mumbai, there are data science course available for data scientists to join in and get their professional qualification.

Before continuing, could you perhaps explain what big data is?

Big Data:

Big Data is unprocessed, large-scale, and complicated data. Conventional processing techniques find it difficult and time-consuming to handle such data. It falls under the following categories for characterization for three V’s.


Applications of big data are benefiting many different industries.

The Data Science and Analytics sector had a significant 34.5% year-over-year gain in 2022, according to Analytics India Magazine. By 2027, the industry is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 26.9%. As the business grows, aficionados in data science and analytics will have loads of job options, making it a highly sought-after and attractive career path. You can enroll yourself in data science course in Mumbai.  Additionally, it may change a variety of industries, including banking and healthcare. Continue reading to find out more about data science applications in many sectors of the economy.

Sectors using Data Science:

The main industries using big data applications are as follows:


Big Data has consistently shown to be quite helpful in the government sector, in contrast to the banking industry. It was crucial to Barack Obama’s reelection campaign as well as the victory of the BJP and its allies in the 2014 Indian General Election. The Indian government used a number of methods to ascertain the public’s reaction to the measures implemented and the recommendations for policy expansion that were presented.

Fraud Identification:

Fraud detection is one of the most appealing uses of big data, particularly in industries where processing transactions or filing claims is involved. Since fraud is often detected long after it has occurred, the harm has already been done. Real-time request and transaction analysis, anomaly detection, and large-scale transaction pattern recognition via Big Data applications may all be game-changers in the field of fraud detection.


A biotechnology company uses sensor data to maximise agricultural efficiency. By growing test crops and doing simulations, this is used to assess how plants respond to changes in different situations. Its data environment continuously measures and logs variations in the test bed’s temperature, water level, soil composition, growth, gene sequencing, and plant yield. Finding the ideal environmental conditions for certain gene types is made easier with the use of such data.

Some relatively small scale application of data are as follow:

1. Data science:

By evaluating user queries, comprehending their purpose, and providing precise and relevant search results, data science fuels online searches. Additionally, it improves the user experience by assisting users in swiftly and efficiently locating the information they want.

2. Suggested Products:

Every time we visit internet, we like using an intriguing data science tool called product recommendations. By making relevant product recommendations based on consumers’ search histories, it enhances the user experience. This recommendation system is used by companies like Amazon, Flipkart, Netflix, and Google Play to compile user-generated product recommendations. It is said that Netflix’s recommendation system saves the company at least $1 billion annually.

3. Image Identification:

Social networking sites make use of sophisticated image recognition, a potent data science tool that recognises faces and suggests people to tag in pictures using sophisticated algorithms.

4.Speech Recognition:

Speech recognition is made possible by data science via the analysis of audio data, text conversion from audio, and pattern recognition. Through machine learning and deep learning algorithms, it continuously increases accuracy, increasing the effectiveness and dependability of voice recognition systems like Google Voice, Siri, and Alexa in offering virtual help.

5. Targeted Advertisements:

Data science is a useful tool for digital marketers to understand customer behaviour, requirements, preferences, and pain areas. By providing relevant content to the appropriate audience via customised advertising campaigns, marketers may boost engagement and conversion rates.

Successful Data Science Applications in Real Life in India

Technology is given top priority by online meal delivery and ordering company Swiggy in order to provide effective customer service and delivery of meals. Millions of users of Swiggy’s large data processing capacity an machinde learning technology may take advantage of fast, simple, and dependable delivery services.

Amazon tracks user behaviour using data science, including past purchases, most frequently searched phrases, items in the shopping cart, and buying patterns, and then provides customised product suggestions. Enhancing user experience and engagement leads to increased revenue.


In conclusion, Mumbai is at the forefront of producing the next wave of data scientists as the need for data-driven insights grows across sectors. Aspiring data scientists in Mumbai have access to a wealth of programs and tools that may help them on their path to expertise, including world-class instruction, practical experience, and a thriving community.

Through intense boot camps, academic programs, online courses, community service, or hackathon participation, anyone may take advantage of these opportunities to get the abilities, know-how, and connections required to succeed in the fast-paced, constantly-evolving area of data science. Enroll in our data science course now to get hands on approach under the supervision of the best in the business.

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