What Are the Key Features of a Property Management Software?

Property Management Software is used for hospitality accommodation operations for  residential and commercial properties such as hotels, parks, campgrounds etc. Digital adaptation has become a part of business  in modern times. This has led to an increase in the need for PMS. It has become quite critical for the hospitality industry to use property management software to streamline business operations The hospitality industry is quite a competitive market. PMS has become essential to remain a part of this competitive market. It facilitates the workflow in ways more than even you can think of. This software can also be used for the local government and manufacturing industries. However, choosing the right software may not be an easy task perform.

Need for a Property Management Software

Property Management Software has become modern, a easy to use cloud-based software, which can be remotely used by all parts of your business..

 A property management software manages your business for you by automating & streamlining manual tasks. The software facilitates reservation management, native channel management, direct bookings, payments, and easy expansion, all within one software. A PMS software can further improve the follwing hotel operations:

  1. internal & guest communications
  2. Enable guests to manage their own reservations through the guest portal
  3. automate housekeeping tasks
  4. Take payments from within the sytem

Features of a Property Management Software

When selecting Cloud-Based Property Management Software, there are certain features that you will have to look into. Cloud-based solutions have become extremely popular after the pandemic has hit the world. This has led to the increasing need for a remote administration system, even for hoteliers. Thus, the demand for such software has been increasing, eventually leading to market saturation. As a result, the level of expectations has been increasing too. Here is a list of features that a Cloud-Based Property Management Software must have:

  1. Cloud-based

Having a cloud-based PMS is a must. This enables the cloud servers to access the data from anywhere and anywhere they want to. The only thing that you would require to access this data is a stable internet connection. If you have that, you will not have to worry about anything else. A Cloud-Based Property Management Software is ideal for digital nerds. There would be no trouble in the usual workflow. It can go on without any hindrance. A Cloud-Based Property Management Software is not just supremely reliable. Still, it is super-fast, with an automatic backup system and securing all important information.

  1. Easy to Integrate

Property management software must have the ability to be able to easily integrated with other software. They can function with other extensions and applications. The other software may include marketing, yield management, data analysis, applications for guests, reputation management, etc.

  1. Mobile Application

Having a mobile application is a must for PMS. The pandemic has made us realize how important it is to access a system remotely. Hence, we do not have a room where we can underestimate the power and capability of mobile applications. A mobile property management software application will allow you to work without any interference. You can work anytime, and from anywhere you want to. You can easily respond to your emails, manage the inspections, access the property, communicate with prospective clients, etc. If you want to make the most out of your property management software, we suggest you build one that works on cross-platforms. That is OS, as well as other devices.

  1. Analytics and Reporting

Generation of reports is one of the finest features of PMS. Reporting is super beneficial for the hospitality industry, as it saves a lot of manual work, allowing easy tracking of operations, as well as identifying potential risks. Some of the examples of reports that are of major help include:

  • Financial reports
  • Production reports
  • Daily activity reports
  1. Data Security

Property management software must ensure the security of data. This can be considered one of the most crucial functions of the software. Being a hotel agent or manager, it is obvious that you have a lot of sensitive data that require a high level of security. Thus, while building PMS Property Management System, you must make sure that the software can reliably keep all these sensitive data securely encrypted. The basic requirements of data security include:

  • Push notifications
  • Two-factor authentication


Having property management software has become a necessity over time. It enables a hotel agent or manager to take care and look into the property and its various functioning even from a distance. There is no need to be physically present everywhere to keep track of the property. Having PMS does the job perfectly well.

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